Monday, September 15, 2014

Reading with Pictures & Art

When I was a young girl, around 12-16, reading was an amazing escape. I loved reading books from Christopher Pike and Anne Rice. Mystery and suspense were my favorite types of books. I could read over 20 books in one summer. The older I got, the less I could sit and focus on one book. These days I don't have much "alone" or "quiet" time. The books I read are for my children. 

So when I can get in some reading, these are the materials I choose:

1. Manga- I'm a big anime fan.

2. Graphic Novels and/or Comic Books- I'm a highly visual person and love pictures.

3. Art or Craft Books- Preferably with pictures also.

Shaman King 

Some of the Manga I enjoy reading are:

Shaman King- Story & Art by Hiroyuki Takei

Vampire Hunter D- Adapted & Illustrated by Saiko Takaki (I'm a fan of most Vampire movies and books.)

Vagabond- Story & Art by Takehiko Inoue (This one has some really lovely art work.)

I originally started anime and manga with the Inuyasha series. I discovered Inuyasha on late night Adult Swim TV. Back in the day they had an awesome line up of anime on Adult Swim, I'm not really sure how it is anymore because I don't use cable TV.

The Sandman & Fables Series

Graphic Novels are probably my most favorite thing to read at the moment. They are quick and fun to read. Maybe it's instant gratification or I have a short attention span, but whatever the reason these work the best for me.

I started out with Neil Gaiman's The Sandman series...still have not finished the whole entire series yet. The story is captivating and interesting. Each volume keeps me entertained without losing my attention. And as far as fiction Novels, I would gladly go out and buy more of Neil Gaiman's work.

Fables seems fun so far too. I only have the first volume. I also started Catwoman The New 52. It looks sexy and exciting...which will surely keep my attention. I'm always looking for more graphic novels to get into. 

The Future of Fantasy Art

The Future of Fantasy Art makes an amazing coffee table book. It's got gorgeous fantasy art pictures from so many talented artists. This book contains paintings and illustrations from book covers to card games. I love picture books and craft books. 

What do you enjoy reading? Have you ever read something more than once?


  1. I'm not sure I could say which books I enjoy reading most. I try to read a little bit of everything, but my favorite genres would probably be drama/thriller. The Harry Potter series would be something I'd read more than once, if I had more time to squeeze it in with other books. Nice post and happy reading! :)

    1. I love the Harry Potter movies but have never read the books. I know the books are always better then the movies. :)

  2. All I have time for right now is reading to my kids...oh and blog posts! :)

  3. I love fiction and have gotten into historical fiction lately. I'm fascinated by the idea of graphic novels and need to look into those more.

  4. There are a ton of all-ages comics that we have enjoyed reading as a family - like, my husband and I would read them if we didn't have a kid! We pillage our library regularly for more possibilities, so we can get a little extra comics time by reading them with him too. :)

  5. I love reading a lot of different books! I think reading should be fun at the end of the day, which means reading whatever you want! I don't read manga but I do read comic books! Right now I'm reading Sex Criminals, Nailbiter, and Black Widow.

  6. I used to watch a lot of anime on Adult Swim, too! That's how I was introduced to Fullmetal Alchemist, which is my absolute favorite!

  7. Aw Man, I have Shaman King's English Dub themesong stuck in my head now! "Sha-man King! When your spirit is strooooooooooooooooong you could be the ONE! *guitar solo*"

    1. Oh that is too funny. I never heard it before. I'm going to look it up. :)

  8. Oooh I was just talking about trying Fables. I tried Sandman and the art was kind of scary/gross at times. Do you think Fables is like that?