Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Toy Addiction Tuesday: Hero Factory by Lego

Hero Factory by Lego has taken over our living room. My son, who will be 6 in October, absolutely loves building his own creations. When we first started buying the Hero Factory figures, my husband and I would help him. Now he can do it own his own. He says the smaller packages are easy to do. The large sets take him a little longer but he enjoys it.

From Brain Attack Series

I also think these are great for his fine motor skills. Along side the regular Legos too. Hero Factory is geared more to boys but don't need to be. I think they are pretty neat.

Mini MOC

Noah tells me he made a MOC. I have heard of modding something but didn't know the exact term of MOC. So I "Googled" the term. MOC is simply, my own creation. I absolutely adore all my son's creations. Every mother will say that about their children's work. Creativity and Imagination are so important in children's lives. It saddens me that us adults lose some of our own creativity along the way.

Another Mini MOC

Sometimes Noah wants me to make Hero Factory figures with him and I'm just terrible. I am much better at creating things with Legos and Duplos. So I ask for his help. This is actually a great way for him to try and teach me how things work. Which helps with his speech development as well.

Hero Factory Mini MOC

Does your child have a toy that they really like? Do you find that your living room or home gets covered with their toys? Leave me a comment. I'd love to hear from you.


  1. Pretty soon we will all speak only with acronyms. Both my kids are creative. My daughter arts & crafts and my son LEGO !!!

  2. I grow up playing LEGO, This one will be a good present next month for my 4 years old son. Great stuff!

  3. My living room definitely gets covered with toys! My son is using Duplos and occasionally Legos, but he's still pretty young. I think he'd really like Hero Factory though in the future.