Monday, December 22, 2014

New Blogging Adventures: Geek and Nerd Blogs

I've recently joined forces with my friend Meg to start a fun new blog. Indie Pop Market is a website that will focus on indie and custom toys, kawaii stuff, nerd culture and cool apparel. Meg will be doing most of the writing and I will be promoting through social media.

I have recently found some great Geek Blogging Communities through Facebook and Google+. 

Check out The Geeky Connection on Facebook if you would like to connect with other bloggers in your niche. 

Google+ is a great place to find some nice communities to find like minding folk. I love being in the Female Geek Bloggers group. There are some really cool bloggers with fun geek blogs to read.

Here are some Geek/Nerd blogs I love to read:

Her Story Arc celebrates women in the media & entertainment industry. Always positive news on women, which is wonderful to see.

Our Nerd Home focuses on Geek culture and home decor. 

Planet Jinxatron is a great family nerd blog that posts about comics, kid's books, and movies.

Gamer Wife is a lifestyle blog for gamers and their partners. Which is right up my alley, although these days I don't get to play that much.

Do you have a nerd blog? Leave your info in the comments so I can stop by.

**update** Blog closed down**

Sunday, September 28, 2014

September Nerd Block Jr. Subscription Box Review

Scribblenauts Unmasked: Wonder Woman

This is our third month getting the Nerd Block Jr. subscription box. Each month a new box filled with cool toys comes in the mail. You pay a set amount and it's always a surprise. I think it's fun but sometimes my son doesn't always like the items that arrives. With blind boxes, you never know what you might get. So for the Scribblenauts Unmasked DC Collectible mystery box, we got Wonder Woman. My son throws it to me and says "here, you have it." Sure, I will take Wonder Woman.

Giant Microbes

Next up, we got a plushie Brain Cell. Giant Microbes is a pretty neat brand that has plushies in the form of germs and other things scientific in nature. They are fun but at the same time educational. I think my daughter liked this one.

Hot Wheels

This was a good item because both of my children like playing with cars. I used to have a collection of Hot Wheels when I was a kid too. You know you have too many when your living room looks like a traffic jam.

Pokemon Stickers

I think stickers always work but they usually end up on the floor or the table. Noah used to watch Pokemon Tv series but now he just likes collecting the cards. I personally want a Pikachu Plushie.

Sonic The Hedgehog

Another one that goes to my daughter, Nia. Noah would rather have had Sonic of course. These are little pull back racers. They are tiny and cute.

The last item that was in the box was a Trash Pack blind pack. It was a tiny potty with some creature coming out of it. I thought it was gross but my son thought it was funny. Kids love that sort of thing. 

Overall this month was okay. I asked my son if he wanted to upgrade to a Nerd Block subscription instead of the Junior, he seemed to like that idea. We pay $19.99 each month for the subscription. They break it down to $13.99 for the box and the rest for shipping. 

Do you get the Nerd Block Jr or any other Nerd subscription box?

Monday, September 15, 2014

Reading with Pictures & Art

When I was a young girl, around 12-16, reading was an amazing escape. I loved reading books from Christopher Pike and Anne Rice. Mystery and suspense were my favorite types of books. I could read over 20 books in one summer. The older I got, the less I could sit and focus on one book. These days I don't have much "alone" or "quiet" time. The books I read are for my children. 

So when I can get in some reading, these are the materials I choose:

1. Manga- I'm a big anime fan.

2. Graphic Novels and/or Comic Books- I'm a highly visual person and love pictures.

3. Art or Craft Books- Preferably with pictures also.

Shaman King 

Some of the Manga I enjoy reading are:

Shaman King- Story & Art by Hiroyuki Takei

Vampire Hunter D- Adapted & Illustrated by Saiko Takaki (I'm a fan of most Vampire movies and books.)

Vagabond- Story & Art by Takehiko Inoue (This one has some really lovely art work.)

I originally started anime and manga with the Inuyasha series. I discovered Inuyasha on late night Adult Swim TV. Back in the day they had an awesome line up of anime on Adult Swim, I'm not really sure how it is anymore because I don't use cable TV.

The Sandman & Fables Series

Graphic Novels are probably my most favorite thing to read at the moment. They are quick and fun to read. Maybe it's instant gratification or I have a short attention span, but whatever the reason these work the best for me.

I started out with Neil Gaiman's The Sandman series...still have not finished the whole entire series yet. The story is captivating and interesting. Each volume keeps me entertained without losing my attention. And as far as fiction Novels, I would gladly go out and buy more of Neil Gaiman's work.

Fables seems fun so far too. I only have the first volume. I also started Catwoman The New 52. It looks sexy and exciting...which will surely keep my attention. I'm always looking for more graphic novels to get into. 

The Future of Fantasy Art

The Future of Fantasy Art makes an amazing coffee table book. It's got gorgeous fantasy art pictures from so many talented artists. This book contains paintings and illustrations from book covers to card games. I love picture books and craft books. 

What do you enjoy reading? Have you ever read something more than once?

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Wordless Wednesday: Toys We Love

Welcome to my first Wordless Wednesday on this blog. I'm sharing a few photos of some of the toys my family and I love to play with.


Pokemon: Gotta Catch em All



What are some of your favorite toys? Leave me a comment, I'd love to know.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Toy Addiction Tuesday: Hero Factory by Lego

Hero Factory by Lego has taken over our living room. My son, who will be 6 in October, absolutely loves building his own creations. When we first started buying the Hero Factory figures, my husband and I would help him. Now he can do it own his own. He says the smaller packages are easy to do. The large sets take him a little longer but he enjoys it.

From Brain Attack Series

I also think these are great for his fine motor skills. Along side the regular Legos too. Hero Factory is geared more to boys but don't need to be. I think they are pretty neat.

Mini MOC

Noah tells me he made a MOC. I have heard of modding something but didn't know the exact term of MOC. So I "Googled" the term. MOC is simply, my own creation. I absolutely adore all my son's creations. Every mother will say that about their children's work. Creativity and Imagination are so important in children's lives. It saddens me that us adults lose some of our own creativity along the way.

Another Mini MOC

Sometimes Noah wants me to make Hero Factory figures with him and I'm just terrible. I am much better at creating things with Legos and Duplos. So I ask for his help. This is actually a great way for him to try and teach me how things work. Which helps with his speech development as well.

Hero Factory Mini MOC

Does your child have a toy that they really like? Do you find that your living room or home gets covered with their toys? Leave me a comment. I'd love to hear from you.