Thursday, February 27, 2020

Crunchyroll Store

I recently made my first purchase from the Crunchyroll Store. You probably know Crunchyroll from watching anime shows. I had no idea they had a store. The store is pretty good and the shipping doesn't take long at all.

I chose the custard Kit Kat because I always wanted to try a new flavor. Why can't the USA carry all these fun flavors? The custard flavor did remind me of the vanilla kit Kat just a little more sweet.

I also got the Match Milk Candy. I have had Kasugai brand gummy candy before and really like them. These match hard candies are pretty nice.

The ramen was a splurge just because I liked the cover. Naruto is one of my favorite anime shows.

Have you ever made a purchase from this store?

I would totally shop there again.