Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Star Wars Battlefront Gameplay Trailer

Video game trailers are pretty exciting to watch, especially if they are good. What rocks even more? Game play trailers. You get to see actual footage of the game you want to buy being played. This video is for Battlefront.

Star Wars Battlefront will be released in November, perfect for Christmas gifts. Looks like there will be a PC version too. We are Star Wars fans. The hubby plays Star Wars The Old Republic. Yes, we have a subscription to that game.

Star Wars Battlefront

I'm excited to try this game out. I've never really played a game like this before. This kind of game might be a hit for the whole family.


In multiplayer mode you can battle in a 40 player mode or smaller modes of 8 players. 

Are you a Star Wars fan? Would you play this game?


  1. Wow - 40 players at once? I'll stick to my offline games! Once the introvert always the introvert... lol :)

    1. 40 does seem like a lot. I'm more for smaller groups or going solo.

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